About the Instructors:

Mark Turner
BJJ Black Belt

Mark Turner is the first and only non-Brazilian Black Belt of 5 time World Champion and current UFC welterweight star Demian Maia. Mark is an active competitor and has competed and/or placed in jiu jitsu championships held in Brazil, the United States and Europe.


 “I love to compete and I have a lot of fun at the championships win or lose, but my true passion is passing on the knowledge and teachings of jiu jitsu to my students.  Technique is everything in jiu jitsu and I feel it is very important that the students not only practice and drill what they are learning, but it is of great importance that they really understand the technique in regards to how it works and why it works” – Mark Turner

Mark has fostered an environment conducive for fun and competitive training. Students are always willing to help one another improve. Iron sharpens iron so all can improve. If you are looking for great training, fun, competition, self improvement, and confidence Mark Turner BJJ is the place for you. We hope to see you on the mat!

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John Wolnik
Current Rank: BJJ Black Belt

John Wolnik

John is has been training under Mark for over eight years, and recently received his black belt. John is a terrific instructor who like Mark is very detailed in his instruction. At Mark Turner BJJ we teach you techniques that overcome strength and athletic differences. That stated, it always comes back to the fundamentals. John has competed in and won many tournaments. Most recently John won Gold at the 2013 IBJJ Chicago Winter Open. In addition to being a passionate BJJ player John specializes in sports strength and conditioning, weight/fat loss, supplementation and nutrition, and is experienced in using Russian Kettle Bells. He is a member of the A.C.E (American Council of Exercise) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Certified Personal Trainer(CPT). “I am passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and remember what it was like when I started. I use that knowledge with what I currently know to teach others. If you join our team you will see me on the mat having fun and sharing my knowledge.”

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