BJJ Fundamentals

This class is for all levels and is strongly encouraged for White and Blue Belts (beginners) to attend. 

This class will include drills to improve fundamentals necessary for a solid foundation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). In addition to building a foundation these drills will also improve ones strength and cardiovascular fitness. The focus will be BJJ theory, body mechanics, technique, mental and physical understanding of BJJ. BJJ is aptly compared to chess where mental understanding, attention to detail, and strong fundamentals are required for success. This class will help develop these and many other skills necessary for BJJ.

BJJ Advanced

Although this is an advanced class it is open to beginners as well as beginners can benefit from training with more advanced students.

This class builds on and goes deeper into the fundamentals and principles of BJJ. Intense drilling of advanced techniques, transitions, fluidity and sparing are all practiced in this class.

In all classes Mark shares his knowledge from experience training with Demian in Brazil to philosophies he has developed over the years training BJJ and is always ready and willing to answer questions.

Private one on one classes are available by appointment. Also we are adding kids classes. Please contact us for details.