Demian Maia’s BJJ Coach – Wagner Mota Seminar May 20

$50.00 $40.00

Demian Maia’s BJJ Coach – Wagner Mota Seminar – Naperville Saturday, May 20th 10:30a-1:30p. Limited spots available.


Want to learn how Demian Maia is dominating the UFC welterweight Division with his BJJ skills?

It’s no secret to Demian’s opponents, that he is going to try to take them down and submit them. Yet, he is still doing it against world class fighters, training for months to stop it from happening.

Demian Maia’s BJJ Coach, Wagner Mota just arrived from Dallas following Demian Maia’s victory over Jorge Masvidal. Wagner will be conducting a seminar hosted by Mark Turner BJJ. Wagner is Demian’s BJJ coach, and plays a key role in Demian’s game planning. In addition to being a great coach (coach on TUF Brazil), Wagner is a world class BJJ player himself. Wagner teaches fundamentals that you will not forget, and will be able to implement into your game.

Please note we are limiting the number of attendees due to space restrictions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee same day sign ups, as it may be sold out before the day of the event.

When: Saturday, May 20th 10:30a-1:30p

Where:  Mark Turner BJJ
1701 Quincy Ave.
Suite 26
Naperville, IL 60540

Details: The first half of the seminar will be conducted in the Gi, then following a 10 minute break the seminar will be No Gi. Wagner will be available after, for pictures and questions with attendees.

For questions email us at:
Or call us at: (708) 228-1294

Please note, you can pay for more than one person with a single transaction. Just increase the quantity to match the number of people attending, and on the day of the seminar we will have record of the amount paid with your name.


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